This is Rum & Cola


The distilled spirits cocktail you can chill and drink from the can.

No glass. No ice. No mixing. No worries.


Libre Rum & Cola® is America’s 1st Celebrated Ready-to-Drink (“RTD”) Rum & Cola Cocktail in a 12 oz. (355 ML) can - created for consumers seeking an alternative to malt-based cocktails. It is portable, high-quality and great tasting.

Libre is a distilled spirits specialty drink made with 3 year aged rum, all natural flavors, sweetened with evaporated cane juice and canned in the U.S.A.

Available at 5.9% or 8.0% A.B.V.



Libre is the only real Rum & Cola RTD sold in grocery and convenience stores in Florida.


About the Team


Bradley Tuyn - President and Founder

Entrepreneur, rum-enthusiast, and creator of Libre! Founder of Tidewater Capital Management, a Registered  Investment Advisory (RIA) firm and former member of the Inventors Association of New England (“IANE”) at MIT.

Education: Attended Pratt Institute's School of Architecture, B.A. in Economics from Binghamton University, and C.S.S. in Finance from Harvard University



Joshua Berman - Vice-President of Marketing 

10 years in food and beverage brand design, Brand Director for Santa Maria Brewing Co.  Art director for Funky Buddha brand re-launch before their acquisition by Constellation Brands.


Advisory Board - TBD

Past members include:

  • Luis & Margaret Ayala - Leading rum consultants, collectors,
    enthusiasts and publishers of Got Rum Magazine

  • Harold Kohlmann - Founder and CEO of Park Street Imports

  • Art Mossolo - Former President of Zipz Wine Packaging

  • Emmanuel Cargill - Former head of HR at Pernod Ricard

  • Ashley Rountree - Managing Director of C.W. Downer & Co

  • Alan Pleskow, Esq - Former shareholder, Greenberg Traurig LLP

  • Jason Savino - Founder & President of Potions in Motion, LLC,
    Florida’s premier beverage, mobile bar, and catering group




Libre Timeline


2012 - Extensive formulation with Cargill Labs and leading flavor houses for Truvia® (Stevia Extract) sweetened ‘diet’ Libre Rum & Cola®

Co-Founders and Rum enthusiasts, Brad (a Gringo businessman) & Leo (a Tico attorney), grew tired of having to mix, prepare and ice their favorite Rum & Diet Cola recipe, using a specific award-winning Aged Rum from Central America. While sitting (or sipping) poolside in Costa Rica, they craved a pre-mixed, ready to drink, Rum & Cola cocktail using high quality, great tasting rum (not young, cheap white rum like a typical bar pour) and a naturally sweetened, zero calorie cola - no heavy, corn syrup Coke® And so the idea was born!

2013 - Extensive beta testing through trade shows and direct consumer surveys

After assembling a 1st Class Supply Chain for production, this year was spent refining the Diet formula of Libre Rum & Cola®. We let the Consumer dictate the level of rum, the amount of sweetener and the type of citrus used for the accent flavor. How?Online surveys, blind taste testing and lots of conversations with our consumers. A fun-filled year prepared us for…

2014 - ‘Diet’ Libre® Rum & Cola sales test in SE Florida

The Diet Libre Rum & Cola® was proudly launched in June 2014 out of Miami Beach, Florida. A 50-store Sales Test began in Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties. However, to our surprise, the consumers cared less about ‘calories’ and more about the delicious flavor of cane sugar. And so we halted production of the Diet formula and….

2015 - Formula revision to cane sugar, and corporate restructuring

The quest for the best tasting Rum & Cola RTD on Earth began! Using the same, secret cola recipe we replaced the Truvia® sweetener system with an evaporated cane juice system ( vs. bleached, refined sugar) referencing how Cola-Cola® used to taste before the world became addicted to High Fructose Corn Syrup. Our renown food scientists spent the entire year testing various iterations until perfection was finally found - the All-New Libre Rum & Cola®

2018 - Invest Today for Libre’s Relaunch

Our Co-Founder, Brad, found himself badly injured from a boating accident after the new Libre formula was finished in Summer of 2015. So, after a long road to recovery and a brief hiatus from the Rum & Cola world, he is back on his feet, with a new Management Team, ready to deliver America’s 1st celebrated Rum & Cola RTD in a 12 oz. can available at 5.9% & 8.0% ABV (Alcohol by Volume)